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….Those who have been following me, have seen me post about my daughter getting heart surgery. Her surgery was this morning. (9/12/2013)  She pulled through great. All 3 holes in her heart have been closed. Hopefully we get discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Yes I said we! It is their rules here that a parent or guardian stay with the minor child at all times.

The Jersey Shore/Seaside Park Boardwalk is burning into the sand as I type this!!!








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Is it possible to get to 450,000 by the time glee returns? 



PUSH! Oh god it sounds like we’re trying to give birth…



Next goal: 500.000

That’s next to impossible based on current trends

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Currently working on updates to METEOR and LIVING A LIE.

It was fair week and I have not been home. I will have them up as soon as possible.

I was also given a prompt for a one shot, which I will also be working on.

Oh take me back to the start…

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I realized…

…while watching the promo…the first two episodes will have to be some of the best acting this cast has ever had to put forward. Remembering that while they were filming, they were also still in the early stages of mourning Cory. The third episode, we know, will basically be no acting. All raw and true emotions. My heart goes out to the entire Glee cast and crew. While we are so excited (rightfully so) for the return of Glee, they were and maybe still are going through hell, to bring us what we want.

klaine story

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Sad Realization…

I was rewatching various episodes of Glee…caught onto something, perhaps somone else may have already mentioned, but I don’t recall seeing it so here goes…

…Many say Ryan likes to mirror the episodes. Well I have some observations….spoilers mentioned.

1. Kurt pretending to be lusting after Rachel…Mirrored by Rachel and Blaine kissing in BIOTA.

2. Kurt wanting to walk down the hall holding the hand of the boy he loves…many say this happened in OMY well technically it happened in NBK. We all know those 2 boys first saw love on that staircase, and ran down that hall holding hands.

3. Kurt got to dance at his Junior and Senior proms with the boy he loved.

4. The mentioning of actors in earlier episodes that appear in later ones ie: John Stamos, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patty LuPone.

5. Rachel asking if her being crowned Queen was going to result in a scene from Carrie….spoiler given about Tina in 5tx02

6. Finn shooting himself in the leg….McKinley has a school shooting.

7. The saddest one in Swan Song when Finn said over my dead body…spoilers and knowledge of 5x03

8. Puck told Kurt he could wear feather boas when he visited the ‘garglers’…Not a boa but Blaine’s feather red jacket in Diva.

9. We had the grilled cheezus episode…in which they referred to the grilled cheese sandwiches as Grilled Cheezus.

10. Finn mentioning a kid committing suicide after being bullied…Dave attempting suicide.

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My Hopes for Season 5 & 6

~Finn to be mentioned occasionally, not forgotten as if he never existed.
~Season 5 to finish the current senior year and a bit beyond.
~Season 6 to be in the future say about 10-15 years.
~The series Finale to be a Glee Club reunion, where everyone from seasons one through 5 are together again to say their goodbyes to McKinley…..and the cast to say goodbye to Glee and its Fans.

((Great…now I am crying!!!))

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